A community minded arts studio in the heart of Copenhagen


A community minded arts studio in the heart of Copenhagen

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Price: 2800,00 DKK
This class is divided into 3 sections: classical graphite, white pastel on black paper and coloured pastels in coloured paper. You will learn foundational drawing and graduate into working with colour and developing your own ideas and motives.

Watercolour classes

Price: 250,00 DKK
Watercolor for beginners is for people who would like to learn the basic skills of watercolor-painting. This class will focus on color-theory, brush-technique and how to build a painting from drawing the motive to laying down the colors. This class will focus on portraits and figures. No previous experience is needed, all you need is a positive approach to learning and growing through experience, experimenting and making mistakes, which in is considered a vital part for learning and growing!

Oil Painting Classes

Price: 2350,00 DKK
This is a 7 week summer course with artist Melanie Smith. This class for people who would like to learn and develop the basic skills of oil painting. We focus on color-theory, brush-technique, composition and how to build a painting from grid drawing and sizing up to the application of paint. No previous experience is needed.


Price: 1795,00 DKK
This is a 6 weeks course. Each week will have a three hours session focused in a different discipline. Students will have the rest of the week to pre-select five of their best photographs, which they will be sent to the instructor by end of the week. Each discipline will allow for two prints per student. By the end of the course, on the 6th week, students and instructor will select the most successful photographs for the final exhibition.

Chinese Ink Drawing

Price: 2150,00 DKK
In this course the students will learn the wonderful technique of China Ink Drawing and how to use the brushes and types of paper needed for this process. We’ll explore artworks from different artists to inspire students to develop their own creative identity. This class is open for all levels, from beginners to more skilled artists who want to explore the wonderful world of the China ink.

Flatter the Masters

Price: 250,00 DKK
A relaxing, fun-filled acrylic painting night! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED Flatter the Masters is a 3 hour painting class dedicated to having fun with acrylics while bringing to life a re-creation of some of the worlds most famous and recognized paintings! Explore color, texture, lines and application of paint. Learn in the process, about the artist of the week and their style and engage in creative discussions on topics of art. There is no experience needed. This is an exploratory class, meant for relaxation and rejuvenation.