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Portrait Commissions- How it works...


Standard procedure when an agreement has been reached between artist and client is for a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total unframed price to be made before work commences (made at the initial meeting). The remaining fees are to be paid to upon completion (and final approval), prior to shipping.

*All prices are in Danish kroner

Pricing Schedule

Portrait Fees

Head 30 x 40 cm                             3100 DKK

Head and shoulders 50 x 60 cm      5500 DKK

Half length 60 x 90 cm                    6500 DKK

Three quarter length 60 x 100         7000 DKK

Full length (portrait and body)         10 000 DKK

* Double portrait (as above +50% )

* Group portrait

(as above +30% per additional subject )

- Prices are uniform worldwide and are not negotiable.

- The frame is not included in the price.

- Travel and living expenses are additional when it is necessary for the artist to leave her city of residence.

Please email to accuire availability.

Mobile Pay all fees to our MyShop @ 767940


portrait of Amanda. 'Demanda'- oil on canvas.

Reference Materials

I work from photo references and a print or a jpeg is acceptable, pending the quality of the image. A high resolution or focus is a must, as is quality of light and appropriate expression. If no suitable reference photo is available or if it is otherwise desired, I can produce one as a part of the arrangement, pending location of course. Otherwise a session at a photographic portrait studio is recommended to obtain good reference material. Upon completion of the design for the work, the client will be given the opportunity to approve of the drawing or make suggestions as to its modification, before the production of the final piece begins.


The average timeline ranges from a few weeks to a few months, however in each case a rough deadline is discussed and the client is kept posted as regards to progress.


Shipping is of course the responsibility of the client and not included in the price of the commission. The artist will send a quote of the shipping cost to the client, and they can forward the balance to her (via mobile pay, paypal or account transfer), after which the piece will promptly be sent to its new home.

 Mobile Pay all fees to our MyShop @ 767940