A community minded arts studio in the heart of Copenhagen


A community minded arts studio in the heart of Copenhagen

Melanie Smith

Director of Art Escape Studios

Founder of Collective 13 CPH

Art Educator

Oil and Acrylic Painter

Melanie has been working profesionally as an artist for 20 years. Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, she relocated to Denmark in 2012. She has been at the drive behind Art Escape Studios and its development and growth since 2013- building and framing workshops and classes in oil and acrylic painting in both Canada and Denmark. Some of those programs include the very successful Art Escape Retreats (International art retreat in Denmark since 2017), Collective 13 CPH- arts collective(2019) as well as Flatter the Masters, Art Adventurers Toddler class and the Parent Centered post partum painting class- a support group for new parents based in creative therapy and Art in the Park to name a few. 

Melanie has a real entrepreneurial spirit and a rare ' go get em!' attitude.

In addition to her work with the studio, Smith is a full time oil painter. She paints primarily portraits, however, an occasional still life has been known to cross her easel. She is currently working on a new exhibition. Her work can be found by clicking here- Artist Melanie Smith.


Christine Lembcke Petersen

Modern Pastel Artist

Christine Petersen is a portrait drawer that explores the tension between femininity, masculinity and sexuality. Inspired by powerful colours and the POP art universe, she expresses herself through strong pastels and a love of detail. Her work includes the textures of the paper and often other elements such as glitter.

“My desire is to create art that is both aesthetic but at the same time challenges the senses and imagination in the form of embedded messages and the many detailed elements. I want to capture a spirit of our time and how that reflects our perception of beauty, sex, power and women's and men's roles in our society. "

Christine has worked intensively with pastel drawings for the past four years. She has recently returned from Spain where she was introduced to pastel art and found her niche. 




Ida Glad

Acrylic and Watercolour Painter

Coach For Creatives

Founder and Facilitator of Couple Croquis

Ida is a part-time artist and a facilitator for a drawing workshop named Couple Croquis-which allows professional artists to explore the intimate dynamics between modelling couples. She also works part time as an art-teacher for Danish company ArtnSips. She has been painting for the past 10 years and slowly developed a painting style that mixes abstracts and figurative elements in strong vibrant color schemes. Next to her work as an artist, she studies social psychology and communications. She has an integral life-coaching background and facilitates workshops that use art-creation as a pathway to personal and creative development.

“I have found, that the creative process often reveals shadow aspects of human personality, and can therefore function as a great tool for self-discovery.”

Ida paints in water-based medias, including but not limited to acrylics, inks and oil pastels. She like to explore emotional expressions through her art-work. She is inspired by the Japanese aesthetics worldview Wabi Sabi, which aspires to find the beauty in imperfection.

In her painting process, she likes to work with polarities and strives to find the balance between harmony and chaos. Her work is often inspired by nature, animals, the human body or archetypical themes. Energy is a keyword in her paintings, because she believe that the ability to transfer and transform energy, is one of the main purposes of art.

In additon to her work in the fine arts, Ida is also working as a face-painter and body-artist at different events and venues.



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Edit Nielsen

Multidisciplinary Artist

Edit loves to mix different artforms. Being a knitting artist is her newest passion. She has been teaching the art of loom knitting to children and adults since 2015 - giving them a easy tool for mindfulness and a great sense of achievement when they create a product that is useful to them. She focuses on creating knit art, writing knitting recepies and leading loom knitting workshops.

Edit has a BA (Hons) in Theatre and Performance from Bretton Hall/The University of Leeds in England, 2009 and is very active on the poetry slam and literary scenes in Denmark in both Danish and English since 2016. Most notably at Charlottenlunds Slot and Det Kongelige Teater.  Edit has worked as an actor, director, performance artist, script writer and idea developer in England where she has been a driving force in " 2b Acting" (a "digital media and theatre company") based in Leeds, England since 2004. In 2020 she will be collaborating in 2b Actings new facilitets - The Basement, leading workshops in loom knitting and spokenword as well as hosting spokenword and poetry slam events. Also she will be Re-aclaming her rolle in an interactive soap.

She is currently working on her poetry book.



Kristina Funkeson

Multidisciplinary Artist and Owner of Kattens Media

As an artist, Kristina is passionate about patterns and colours. This passion is partly lived out through her two-dimensional alter-ego Papergirl, a project that started like an illustration-based diary and has grown to rebellious and inspirational prints on various items. Kristina is fond of mixing media, both analogue and digital. She creates artwork and videos for musicians, stop-motion animations as well as comic zines and hand-made objects.

In her business, Kattens Media, Kristina works with unique visual content, such as videos, photos and illustrations for small businesses as well as national authorities and international organisations. Her clients range from the local initiative Mit Nørrebro to The Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration as well as the Nordic Climate Facility. Kattens Media is a one-woman business, where Kristina collaborates with skilled musicians, speakers and text writers to create personal visual solutions for her clients.

Kristina grew up in Sweden but has lived, studied and worked in Paris for several years. She has a French photography degree, the CAP of Photography diploma and she has worked for one of the first digital photo studios in Paris (this was back in the year 2000 when digital photography was still a rarity). She then continued her studies in Sweden where she also worked as a freelance concert photographer. Kristina has a Master from the University of Linköping, studying Media Communication and Media Production.

After her studies, Kristina moved to Copenhagen to work at the secretariat for an international human right's organisation and a few years later she decided to stay in Denmark, studying Danish and start up her own media production company - Kattens Media.


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Karla Castillo

Multidisciplinary Artist

Mexican artist Karla Castillo is interested in the deconstruction of landscapes such as the forest and the sea. She blends photography, drawing and painting, in order to create dialogues that project the on-going conflict amongst nature, space and mankind. The forest, one of her prime subjects, reflects a whimsical place where the presence of quietness and movement nurture a silent and melodious reigning environment.

Karla holds a Degree in Plastic Arts from ENPEG (Escuela Nacional de Escultura, Pintura y Grabado) La Esmeralda, Mexico City. A Visual Arts Masters Degree on Photography Discipline from San Carlos, Universidad Autónoma de México. Her work has been selected at the 2017 Kunstnernes P¬âskeudstilling (The Artists Spring Exhibition) Contest – KP Spring 17, Kunsthal Ârhus, Denmark. She was awarded for two consecutive years (2007-08/ 2010-11) with the FONCA Young Creators Scholarship in Photography Discipline. She obtained an Honorific Mention in the 2007 Sylvia Pawa Third Drawing Biennial, and finalist position at the 2005 DEMAC Photography Contest (Documentación y Estudios de Mujeres, A.C.).

Her work has been exhibited in several international art fairs, cultural centres, museums and galleries such as: 2018 MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Hubertendrof Castle, Vienne, Austria. 2017 Modern Art Masters Contemporary Art Fair in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris. 2017 Modern Art Masters Contemporary Art Fair in Montreaux – MAG, Switzerland. 2017KunstnernesP¬âskeudstilling (The Artists Spring Exhibition) – KP Spring 17, Kunsthal Ârhus, Denmark. 2017 Tokyo International Art Fair – TIAF17’, Hikarie Hall, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan.



Tuly Sarah Costa

Acrylic painter and zen-doodle artist

Tuly is a self-taught artist who has been developing herself and exploring diverse techniques in the arts during the last four years. She takes inspiration from shades and colors from nature and integrates them with geometrical pattern on canvas. Sometimes she integrates zentangle drawing with the calligraphies of her favourite quotes. Her works are mostly non-figurative and abstract. She loves to play with colors, contrast and texture.

In addition, Tuly also does paper crafts and origami and makes themed party decorations, stage design and house decors. She grew up in Dhaka, Bangladesh and she has been living in Sweden and Denmark for almost 7 years. She has a master’s degree in Sustainability Science from Lund University, Sweden and she is simuatneously developing her career as both and artist and a Sustainability Analyst in Copenhagen.




Anindita Dutta

Calligraphy, Water Color and Acrylic Artist

Anindita hails from West Bengal- the artistic India. Art has been her passion since childhood. In the pursuit of securing a career in IT, this took take a backseat until 2016, when she rediscovered herself.

She love to play with color and experiment with light and shadows in her painting. She takes inspiration from the beauty of nature and blends it with her imagination to breathe life into her work.

She is also a calligraphy artist and creates banners using hand lettering with acrylic paints. Anindita has worked on invites and thank you cards for special events and her work has been exhibited in art exhibitions in India, before relocating to Denmark in 2019.

Anindita is in the currently in the process of establishing her brand in Copenhagen and she joins forces with Collective 13 in her new journey.

She can be reached at

Agostina Vilar

Agostina Vilar Moreno

Mutlidisciplinary painter in acrylic and oil

Intutive/ Abstract Painting

Agostina is from Argentina but is now working and living in Copengahen. From a young age she was drawn to visual art as an outlet for self expression.

It became more of a reality when her creative mentor nutured her interest, and gave her the tools and guidance to finally be able to fully discover her passion.

Vilar's work is a product of heavy acrylic and oil paint on stretched canvas but she has recently expanded her reportoire, creating paper works and posters.  While she is also partial to watercolor and she usually intervenes in her work with markers and expresionistic lines.

Her love of abstraction is dervived from the bold use of vibrant colors and the finishing lines added when she is about to complete an image. While her paintings would be called abstract in a general description, Vilar refers to her work as intuitive painting- the flow of the unconscious mind when her hands hits the canvas. 





Caitlin Madden

Coming soon! 

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