A community minded arts studio in the heart of Copenhagen


A community minded arts studio in the heart of Copenhagen

Chinese Ink Drawing

In this course the students will learn the wonderful technique of China Ink Drawing and how to use the brushes and types of paper needed for this process. We’ll explore artworks from different artists to inspire students to develop their own creative identity.

This class is open for all levels, from beginners to more skilled artists who want to explore the wonderful world of the China ink.


July 23rd to September 3rd

Thursday from 6-9 PM


7 weeks ( Summer Registration) - 2150 dkk

* Materials list provided with registration.

Tea and Coffee included. 

Student payment plans are available.

*This class accommodates English and Spanish speaking students.

A brief introduction to the history of China ink.

This technique was used in Chinese, Japanese and Corean calligraphy and pa. In Japan it’s called Sumi-e in China Shuimo-haua and in Corea Sumuk-hwa. It was during the the Muromachi (XIV) era that’s arrived in Japan.

Ink in Asia is different than thatused in Europe. In Asia it’s used in bars diluted in stone; a stone calles Suzuri in Japanese and Yàntái in Chinese. This process is slower since you have to dilute the bar on the stone.

China ink is known in Europe as watery and you can find it in diluted and packed in a bottles. You can pour the ink into a pot or plate add water to get different shades in black.

China ink has and intense black colour and when diluting it you will get different styles shades of grey. Traditionally it is a technique used to paint in black and white, however you can find it in colour as well.