A community minded arts studio in the heart of Copenhagen


A community minded arts studio in the heart of Copenhagen

Watercolour Painting- Portraits and the Figure


Next semester starts October 6th

@ Art Escape Studios (Heinesgade 13, 2200 København)

Hosted by Ida Glad

Watercolor Painting is a 5- or 10-week course dedicated to exploring the basics needed to get you started on your watercolor-painting journey, as we dive into the meditative world of Portraits and Figures!

Best part - no previous experience is required.

During our time together we’ll experiment, make mistakes, and nurture your creative confidence by emptying our minds through guided meditation and grounding excises while using Watercolors.

By the end of our session, you’ll be well-versed in Color theory and Brush-technique, as well as confident in how to build a painting from lightly sketching the motive to laying down the colors so that you can discover your own creative ideas.

Happy student finishing up her second watercolour painting with teaching artist Ida Glad.


All materials, such as artist quality paint and paper, masking fluid, and a synthetic paintbrush are included in the Try-it-out-once session price.

If you wish to continue attending, you’re more than welcome to use your own materials, but if you’re missing anything or wish to upgrade to artist-quality materials, all art supplies needed for this class can be purchased at very affordable prices in our in-studio store.

As students of Art Escape Studios you benefit from a 15% discount at our store, as well as Tutein og Koch.


Try-it-out-once Price: 250 DKK (24-hour notice required)

Dip-a-toe Price: 1200 DKK (5 sessions)

Can’t-get-enough Price: 2000 DKK (10 sessions)


We meet on Tuesdays at 18.00 to 21.00

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