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AMMO Artworks- the "Song Series"

A unique and captivating 3-hour live performance exhibition featuring the original works of singer/songwriter, musician, and visual artist Anne Michelle Myrick-Olsen (or simply Michelle as she is most commonly known).

Originally from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Michelle currently lives on the island of Nøtterøy in Vestfold area of Norway with her husband. The "Song Series" was created from a desire to combine her visual artwork with her original songs. Michelle curates the show by telling the background stories and lessons learned during the creation of both art forms, as well as the life experiences that inspired them.

Her message is raw and relatable, and delivers an inspirational impact. It emphasizes the importance of using self-belief to overcome challenges. Audience members leave the show motivated to live their best life through believing in themselves and their own ability to overcome adversity.

To date, Michelle has performed the "Song Series" in front of hundreds in Canada and Norway since August 2018. ​ 

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