Our Mission

Creating. Connecting. Caring.

Our mission is to provide a supportive community driven space, from which

creative spirits can develop and share in artistic processes.

We aim to generate creative events that educate and expand the community at large.

By encouraging neighbourhood involvement in the arts,

our goals is to boost creative community and make art truly available to everyone.

A little about the artists

The artists in the AES Arts Collective are an integral part of what makes Art Escape Studios & Cafe so special. The Collective is made up of 11 artists working in multidisciplinary fields of art including: oil painting, acrylic and watercolour painting, pastel and graphite drawing, photography and digital media, collage, paper sculpture and desgin, creative coaching and textiles!

Each artist adds a unique personality and talent to our humble studio & cafe, contributing to our fundamental ideals of community and art sharing. 

Artist Work-head shot- AES images (6).jp

'Awesome art studio, with a chilled vibe to get the creative juices flowing.'

-Barbara Mensah. Copenhagen, Denmark.


What makes AES different?

January 1st 2020, Art Escape Studios made the leap from a small humble studio space to a larger much more diverse community of makers, artists and neighbours.

This created what we know today as our wonderful all inclusive space at Blegdamsvej 68, 2100.


We expanded our concept and today Art Escape Studios functions as a Cafe, Art School, Gallery and supportive space for creative minds.

We are proud to be your connection to all things art!

There are a lot of art companies that do what we do.

They share in the what and how, but we go above and beyond for the why and the who.

We spend everyday nurturing our collective spirit;

forming the most remarkable experience of community and creativity we can offer!

It is the fabric of our culture and the framework from which Art Escape Studios was built.

'I love being a part of a network of female artists that up-lift, support, collaborate and help each-other instead of competing. My artist-life has become a lot less lonely and a lot more fun since I joined the AES collective.'
- Ida Glad, Artist and Collective Member since 2019.