Agostina Vilar


Multidisciplinary Painter in Acrylic, Oil and Ink

Intuitive & Abstract Painting






Agostina Vilar is from Argentina but is now working and living in Copenhagen. From a young age she was drawn to visual art as an outlet for self-expression. It became more of a reality when her creative mentor nurtured her interest, and gave her the tools and guidance to finally be able to fully discover her passion.

Vilar's work is a product of heavy acrylic and oil paint on stretched canvas but she has recently expanded her repertoire, creating paper works and posters.

While she is also partial to watercolor and she usually intervenes in her work with markers and expressionistic lines. Her love of abstraction is derived from the bold use of vibrant colors and the finishing lines added when she is about to complete an image. While her paintings would be called abstract in a general description, Vilar refers to her work as intuitive painting- the flow of the unconscious mind when her hands hit the canvas.