Christina Thamm


Intuitive and Fluid Art Painter

Acrylic and Alcohol Ink






Christina Thamm is an intuitive and fluid art painter working part- time as an artist with The AES Collective. She is originally from Funen, Denmark and is now based in Copenhagen.

Christina is self taught artist where her passion to create came from a place of instability. She was struggling with deep depression, anxiety and suicidal tendencies, after dedicating herself fully to animal rights and environmental activism. A job that caused her to dive deep into the darker sides of humanity and her own inner self- it was her love of creating art that pulled her out. Fluid painting became a source of medicine and  therapy for her- and the process of creation helped her regain balance. 


Christina’s playful art processing began in 2019. But it was not until she relocated back to her native Denmark, after years abroad, that art became her highest priority. She has experimented with many different art forms, and has developed a real intuition and talent for adding beauty to the world.

You can feel Christina’s love and passion for painting in every piece she creates- the vibrant colours and purposeful waves create a instance-a moment- which can be only noted as: full of life.