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4 hours
695 dk/person (excl. vat)
Minimum of 8 ppl to book this event

Welcome to our enriching workshop on "Color Theory and Creative Development" designed specifically to empower corporate teams with a deeper understanding of color and design. This engaging session is crafted to enhance your team's creativity, foster innovative thinking, and elevate your collective design skills.

Workshop Objectives:

  1. Dive into the fundamentals of color theory, exploring concepts like hue, saturation, and value. 

  2. Learn how color interacts with design principles to create powerful visual communication. Discover the art of balance, contrast, and harmony, and how these principles can be applied to enhance the aesthetics of your corporate materials, presentations, and branding.

  3. Uncover the secrets behind successful corporate branding through color. Understand how color choices can influence brand perception, evoke emotions, and create a cohesive visual identity. 

  4. Explore how color plays a crucial role in data visualization. 

  5. Engage in practical design challenges that encourage collaboration and creativity. Apply color theory principles to real-world scenarios, refining your team's ability to create visually compelling designs for various corporate materials.

  6. User Experience (UX) Enhancement: Delve into the impact of color on user experience in digital interfaces and products.

  7. Foster open discussions about the role of color and design in your corporate context. Share experiences, challenges, and success stories as a team, building a collective knowledge base that can be applied to future projects.

Join us for a dynamic workshop that goes beyond theory, providing your team with practical tools and insights to elevate your corporate design endeavors. Let's embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of color and design in your business landscape.

Colour theory charts
Colour theory charts
Colour theory workshop participants

All of our events  have professional guidance and instruction (exception is Art Cafe)  and all professional materials are included. 
This includes aprons and table covers for all events held off site.  Our prices are moms excluded and exclude our offsite fees. All events can be catered- ask about our drinks menu and outside catering services. 

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