Design your event

Design your own personalized event with us.

We are up for anything artsy and fun!

Whether you are looking for a professional event with your colleagues, creative development and skill straining, a bachelor/bachelorette (polterabend) activity or you just  have a fabulous occasion to celebrate...


Creativity is a great way to start off any event.


We can host a small group of up to 15 in our humble studio/cafe OR we are happy to bring the fun to you- providing all supplies, set-up and clean up in your very own space or office.


To accompany your private event, catering services are available- inc. drinks and food- catered in connection with our partnership to friends Bistro Cocorico and  Kester Thomas


If you're interested in an outdoor event or want us to bring creativity to your place - don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Together we can find the best way to make your event special, creative, cozy and fun.


The Artemisia Experience

Free flow painting 2.5 hours

There are no rules, no limits- let your creativity soar!

295 DKK per person

All materials included

minimum of 7 ppl