Cris Ferro


Watercolour & Acrylic Painter

Experimenter of all things art!

Instructor for Art Adventurers @Art Escape Studios




Cris Ferro is a watercolourist and acrylic painter working part- time as an artist with The AES Collective. She also  works at Art Escape Studios & Cafe as a Teaching Artist and Cafe Artist.

She is originally from Portugal but is now living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Cris graduated with a degree in Art Conservation from the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar in 2014.

Her love for art expands through many disciplines including: theatre, dance, singing, and painting; as a way to express emotions.


Her work is inspired by her native Portugal, by nature and her constant passion for creativity when making tiny sculptures with clay and wire. It explores ideas of female energy and the connection we have to nature. Images transpire through visions in her dreams, where she paints symbolic representations that illuminate her ideals through depth and colour.


Cris’ work, while realistic in imagery, carries a very surreal tone. Her rich colourful values, tell a deep story that leaves the viewer wondering about the origins.