Dea Agzigüzel


Multidisciplinary Painter & Printmaker

Acrylic, Oil and Linocuts





Dea Agziguzel is a multidisciplinary painter and printmaker working part- time as an artist with The AES Collective. She is originally from Denmark with Turkish roots. Dea has an Education degree and works as a teacher in Albertslund, Denmark.


From a young age, she always had a passion for expressing herself creatively. Over the years, her curly drawings and thoughtful motifs have evolved technically. Her aesthetics have shifted and she has become inspired  by relevant social conversation. 


For Dea, art is an imperative non verbal means of communication- a space where she can dive into self expression in a way she can not, with words.


She is a visual storyteller and loves to portray her own emotions on feminism, anthropology and societal tendencies in her surreal and vibrant works of art.