Expressive Painting

Next Semester starts on Friday, January 22nd

@ Art Escape Studios & Cafe

12:00- 15:00

(Blegdamsvej 68, 2100, Copenhagen)

Hosted by Artist Ida Glad

In this intuitive painting class you will be invited to explore your own creativity and create images from within your own soul. The purpose of the class is to have a safe space, where you can exercise your creativity, learn and grow while discovering your own uniqueness through expression.

The class is for beginners as well as for people with experience. Weather you are into abstract or figurative expression, this class is inviting you to develop your own personal style through acrylic painting and various mixed media methods.

Artistic expression can be very liberating and therapeutic, and also sometimes deeply personal. In this class there is room for it all.

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'Listening to Ida talk about art it's like getting to have a peek through the window to an entire world of colors, shapes and sentiments. There is so much knowledge and experience that you get to learn from. And at the same time she breaks it down and makes it accessible to an inexperienced commoner.'

                                                                                                                         - Mixed Media Artist Dyveke Noack


In the beginning of each class there will be a short guided meditation to ground and relax so you can connect deeper with yourself before we start painting. Each class will include 2 hours of exercises that will give you knowledge, insight and experience with the mediums we are using and how you can apply them in your own way, followed by 2 hours of free painting, with a small break in between. We keep it small and intimate so therefor this class will max have room for 6 students.

What you will gain from this class:

  • Basic knowledge of acrylic painting and color theory.

  • Mixed media methods.

  • A safe space to discover your creativity and explore and develop your own unique painting style.

  • Focused time to connect with yourself and your creative soul.

  • Support and guidance though creative blockages (may they occur).



All materials are included

We meet every second Friday from October 7th to November 3rd


Try It Out Once:       550 dk 

Can't Get Enough:   2550 dk (5 classes- full course)