Mommy & Me 
Post Partum Painting Class

Next class starts Thursday, May 12th 2022

@ Art Escape Studios & Cafe

(Blegdamsvej 68, 2100, Copenhagen)

Hosted by Artist Melanie Smith

A parent focused class-

Postpartum painting class to help mother's/father's give back to themselves after having a baby.

This class is designed for parents with little babies, looking to get out and do something creative.


The class is for 2 hours- we will paint a new motif every week.


Best Part- They will be small, uncomplicated images so you can focus, relax and have time to be with your baby if they are awake, need to be fed or have a bum change.

visuals springArtboard 1 copy 4.png


It is recommended that babies be from Newborn- 8 months (or a non-crawling age).


There is a change table & room for your pram outside in the front- we have large windows, easy to see your baby if they sleep outside.

Because we know that life happens and sometimes Moms and Babies don't always feel like leaving home, and you might need to miss a class- if you book for a month and can not come you are welcome to move your booking to another week. 


All Materials are included

Try It Once:             295 dk 

Dip Your Toe In:       1350 dk

Fill Your Boots:        2700 dk 

We meet on Thursdays at 11:00 - 13:00.