WEEK 1- Know Your Camera (October 3)


During this workshop you will learn about:

-All the mysterious settings and hidden tools in your camera. We will go through the technical aspects like aperture, focus, lenses, shutter speed, ISO, resolution in an easy and beginner friendly way.


You will have a chance to practice the different camera settings during practice time at the session and experience how each setting influences your final image.


WEEK 2- Golden rules of photography (October 10)


During this workshop you will learn about:

-Introduction to the golden rules of photography and how to easily apply them in practice.

-Universal tips to improve your images regardless of which camera you have 

-How to capture your message and take SoMe friendly photos


WEEK 3- Your smartphone camera as an artistic tool \ 

Photography as an artistic tool (October 17)


During this workshop you will learn about:

-Hidden functions in your phone camera

-How to take fewer but better quality photos of people, products & travel

-Simple tools for taking SoMe friendly photos and content

- Powerful compositions and creative photo techniques

- Techniques used by legendary photographers and modern trends in 2021


WEEK 4- Analog photography (October 24)


During this workshop you will learn about:

-How to use your analog camera

-Different types of film and basics of film development

-Alternative photographic processes

-How to use create funky film effects & convert your photos into digital files


WEEK 5- People & Portrait photography (October 31)


During this workshop you will learn about:

-Do’s and Don’t of capturing a good portrait

-The key tools for a good light

-How to work with one person or a group

-Creative portrait techniques

There will be practice time and you will learn to take photos of each other in the studio and outside (if weather allows). After the practice session, we will look at your best photos and you will receive feedback from the instructor.