Photography (Beginners +)

Next semester starts May 16th

@ Art Escape Studios & Cafe

(Blegdamsvej 68, 2100, Copenhagen)

Hosted by  Artist Natalya Tarankova


Photography (Beginners +) is a 5 week course dedicated to exploring the basic techniques and processes used in photography. 

This course is designed specifically for people with no experience to a beginner's understanding of photographic principles.

But we encourage all passionate creatives to join in!


The course consists of 5 interactive sessions. Each session will have a theoretical discussion, a photo walk- to practice the new knowledge, and a feedback time where you will look at your best photos together with the instructor.

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You will need to bring your camera with you.

Any camera works - your smartphone camera, professional dslr or any digital camera you’d like to use.


For the analog photography section you will need to bring an analogue camera or contact us in case you’d like to join the session but don’t have a camera yet.

During this course you will learn how to use your camera to its full potential, regardless of which camera you have.

You will discover the golden rules of photography and practice taking fewer, but better photos.


You will dive into exciting creative photo techniques,

fx. taking pictures of people and having a lot of fun doing it.


By the end of the course you will be equipped with universal photo tools and techniques to take beautiful photos of people, objects, surroundings and much more!

Try-it-out- once:  335 dk (Booking confirmation required)

Can’t get enough: 1650 dk (5 weeks- full semester)

Course Structure


1. Know Your Camera During this workshop you will learn about: All the mysterious settings and hidden tools of your camera. We will go through the technical aspects like aperture, focus, lenses, shutter speed, ISO, resolution in an easy and beginner friendly way. You will have a chance to practice the different camera settings during class time and experience how they influence your final image.


2. Golden rules of photography During this workshop you will learn about: -Introduction into the golden rules of photography and how to easily apply them in practice. -Universal tips to improve your images regardless of which camera you have. -How to capture your message and take SoMe friendly photos.


3. Photography as an artistic tool During this workshop you will learn about: -Artistic tools that are used in photography to capture the emotion and tell the message. -Composition and various photo techniques. -Color and black&white photography. - Techniques used by world known photographers and modern trends in 2021


4. Analog photography** During this workshop you will learn about: -How to use your analog camera -Different types of film and basics of film development -How to use create funky film effects and convert your photos into a digital file


5. People & Portrait photography During this workshop you will learn about: -Do’s and Don’t of capturing a good portrait -How to work with one person or a group -Creative portrait techniques You will have in-class practice and use your classmates as subjects for both inside and outside portraiture (if weather allows).

After the practice session you will look at the best photos together with the teacher and get feedback.