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Our Program

This is the frame of our week but kindly note we will create small projects trough out the day in addition to the theme of the day.


Getting to Know Each Other

We’ll kick off by celebrating Canada Day (our cozy studio is proudly Canadian-run) and sharing our diverse backgrounds. We'll embark on a journey around the world, creating flags using exciting materials like finger paints and collage.

And then...

Imaginations will soar as we dive into our creative minds to design imaginary flags from fantastical universes and galaxies beyond our wildest dreams!

Happy Canada Day! 


Weather Permitting

Natural Mandalas

Today marks our first art mission adventure! We will visit the park to search for natural objects and use them to create stunning mandalas. Each child will have the opportunity to craft their own unique mandala in this highly tactile and creative activity.


Art History for Kids: Paint Like the Masters

Today we will take a fun and educational journey through art history, where kids get to learn about famous artists and their masterpieces! During the day,  we explore the stories and techniques behind iconic paintings, and then each child gets the chance to recreate their own version of a famous artwork. It’s a hands-on way to appreciate art history and develop painting skills, all while having a blast!


It's All About Sculpture!

Dive into the world of sculpture with our exciting paper mache project! Kids will learn the art of creating three-dimensional masterpieces by shaping and molding paper mache. This hands-on activity allows young artists to bring their imaginative designs to life, resulting in unique and expressive sculptures. Get ready to explore texture, form, and creativity like never before!


It's a Wrap!

Today we will celebrate out week with Bubble Painting & Drawing in the morning and our final art mission in the afternoon! 

As we conclude our week-long art camp, we’ll celebrate all the amazing creativity and hard work our young artists have put in. We'll reflect on our favorite projects, share our masterpieces, and enjoy a final showcase of everyone's artwork. It's been a fantastic journey filled with imagination, learning, and fun. We can't wait to see how our artists continue to create and inspire!

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