Tina P. Israni


Artist, poet and User Research and Content Designer




Tina works with sound, paint and dance. She infuses these sensory elements into every brush stroke. Tina dances with her canvases, and play singing bowls, gongs whilst painting. Tina states: "For me it is sacred and accessing other worlds both in my subconscious and beyond through the canvas". 

Tina was painting when she was younger, being very creative until she had some traumatic events as a teenager which is when she left both herself and the canvas. Originally from New York, Tina has also lived in India as this is where her heritage stems from. Her decision to move to Copenhagen was to save her life. Tina needed to heal from depression.


In these last 5 years, she has used sound, dance and painting to express what she could not express in words and heal.  - "This is what I bring to the canvas and what I hope to teach to others who suffer from the same".