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4 hours
695 dk/person
(excl. vat)
Maximum of 15 ppl in a team to book this event

(this event is only available at the studio) 

Have you thought about what it might be like to paint with oil? 

Would you like to embark on a unique and inspiring team-building experience? 

Our Alla Prima Painting Workshop in Oil is perfect if you answered yes!


Alla Prima, meaning "at first attempt," is a dynamic and expressive painting technique that emphasises spontaneity and immediate brushwork. This hands-on workshop invites your team to discover the joy of creating vibrant oil paintings together.

Under the guidance of our skilled oil painting artist Mel Smith, participants will explore the basics of Alla Prima painting, from colour mixing to brush techniques. 


The fluid nature of Alla Prima allows for a free-flowing exchange of ideas and creative energy, fostering communication and teamwork.

As your team immerses themselves in the rich world of oil paints, they'll not only learn valuable painting skills but also strengthen bonds, encourage innovation, and explore their collective creativity.


This workshop promises a memorable blend of artistry and team-building, leaving your team members with a  masterpiece and lasting memories of a truly unique experience. Let the strokes of creativity unite your team in this dynamic and engaging Alla Prima Painting Team Building event!

To tailor your Painting Event to meet the needs of your team BOOK HERE.

Alla Prima workspace setup
Student painting in oil
Student painting in oil

​All of our events  have professional guidance and instruction (exception is Art Cafe)  and all professional materials are included. This includes aprons and table covers for all events held off site.  Our prices are moms excluded and exclude our offsite fees. All events can be catered- ask about our drinks menu and outside catering services.

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