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Welcome to Art Escape Studios!

Your destination for team building and private events with a creative twist!

We specialise in providing a unique and engaging space for teams to strengthen their bonds and enhance collaboration through artistic activities. Our diverse range of experiences caters to varying interests and skill levels, ensuring there's something for everyone on your team, whether they are seasoned artists or picking up a paintbrush for the first time.

Our collaborative mystery painting is a favourite team-building activity, where teams work together to create a large-scale artwork, promoting communication, problem-solving, and the pursuit of a shared objective.


For teams preferring a more individualistic approach, we offer guided painting, drawing, and mixed media sessions. Each team member has their canvas, following step-by-step instructions from our professional artists, allowing for individual expression while fostering a sense of connection.

Beyond art activities, our programs include team-building exercises and reflection sessions, aiding in identifying strengths, improving communication, and building trust among team members.

Art Escape Studios is a relaxed and inspiring studio, fully equipped with all necessary materials and tools. We can accommodate teams of various sizes and customize programs to meet your specific goals. If you're seeking a fun and engaging way to strengthen your team's bond and foster creativity, our studio is the ideal choice for your team-building needs.



  • In-Studio Capacity: We can host a maximum of 20 people. Prices are excluding VAT.

  • Off-Site Bookings: Possible with additional fees depending on the location. No participant limit.

  • In-Office/Home Events: We bring the supplies to you, transforming your space into a creative studio. Off-site fees apply (1500 DK). A minimum of 10 people is required for any team-building event with a hosting artist. Additional fees apply for smaller groups.


Let us assist you in creating lasting memories and a stronger, more cohesive team!

Creative Team Building Menu
Life Drawing
Art Cafe Experience
Coffee Painting
Large Group & Team Events
Acrylic Painting
Glow in the Dark
Oil Painting
Colour Theory
Watercolour, Ink and Acrylic
Watercolour Painting
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