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2.5- 3.5 hours 
310 dk - 595 dk/per person (excl. vat)

Embark on a unique team-building experience with our Brewing Creativity: Painting w/ Coffee or Painting with Natural Pigments workshop!

Coffee Painting (310 dk) 

Delve into the world of artistry as your team explores the rich and aromatic medium of coffee, creating stunning masterpieces on heavy watercolour paper. In this unique technique, coffee is used as a medium to produce rich, sepia-toned artworks. The warm hues of coffee create a distinct visual texture, allowing your team to play with light and shadow in their compositions. The process not only engages the visual senses but also enhances the olfactory experience, making it a multi-sensory and immersive form of artistic expression.

Painting w/ Natural Pigments (595 dk) 

Learn to harness the vivid hues of  10 natural pigments, fostering collaboration and camaraderie in a vibrant and interactive setting.

Painting with natural pigments is an eco-conscious and visually enriching artistic endeavour that taps into the beauty of earth's colours. Derived from minerals, plants, and other organic sources, these pigments offer a diverse palette that ranges from earthy tones to vibrant hues.

Participants engaging in this technique connect with nature's palette, creating artworks that not only showcase a vivid spectrum of colours but also embody a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to artistic expression.

Painting with natural pigments is an ode to the beauty found in the natural world, allowing artists to infuse their creations with the essence of the earth.

Large group of coffee painters
Coffee paintings by Ida Glad
Painting with natural pigments
natural pigments

All of our events  have professional guidance and instruction (exception is Art Cafe)  and all professional materials are included. This includes aprons and table covers for all events held off site.  Our prices are moms excluded and exclude our offsite fees. All events can be catered- ask about our drinks menu and outside catering services. 

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