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AES Collective Artist Dyveke Noack

Dyveke Noack (She/Her)

Multi-discipline Artist | CEO Studio Noack |  Member of IMMART | Art Educator| Member of GAG ( Gemini Art Group) 

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Dyveke Fauerholdt Noack is a versatile artist hailing from Denmark, proficient in multiple disciplines. With a master's degree in Informatic Science, she navigates seamlessly between roles as a freelance front-end web designer, art educator, and artist.

Her artistic expression is a fusion of various techniques, melding painting with textiles and threading to create unique compositions. Influenced by her upbringing in both Funen, Denmark, and Greenland, Dyveke draws inspiration from specific locales, nature's beauty, cherished memories, and the diverse spectrum of humanity, encapsulating the emotions they evoke.

Immersed in art from a young age, her formative years were shaped by frequent visits to museums and galleries, as well as the invaluable mentorship of her grandfather, whose studio served as a sanctuary for her burgeoning creativity. His paintings, with their vibrant colors and nuanced use of light, left an indelible mark on her artistic journey, informing her own exploration of color theory.

As an autodidact, Dyveke seamlessly integrates traditional craftsmanship with contemporary sensibilities, particularly evident in her textile art. Her abstract works juxtapose layers of complexity with moments of simplicity, skilfully utilising negative space to evoke depth and contrast. Central to her artistic ethos is a relentless pursuit of experimentation and colour exploration, driving her practice forward into new realms of creativity and expression.

As an active member of the AES Collective and a dedicated art educator, Dyveke shares her passion for creativity and artistry with others. Over the past two years, she has showcased her work in several exhibitions, including two solo exhibitions and numerous group shows. Notably, she participated in Artival by IMMART and gained representation by Gallery Lorien, a result of her affiliation with Art Escape Studios.

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