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2 hours
395 dk/ person 
(excl. vat) 
To book this event there must be a minimum of 10 ppl

Glow-in-the-dark painting presents a uniquely engaging and tailored avenue for corporate team-building activities.

This innovative team-building endeavour leverages specialised phosphorescent and fluorescent pigments that absorb and store light, emitting a subtle and ethereal glow.

Teams, utilising various colours in  acrylic based paint, embark on a collaborative journey that not only fosters teamwork but also taps into collective creativity specific to the corporate setting.

In the context of corporate team building, participants witness the metamorphosis of their creations as colours, seemingly ordinary under regular lighting, come to life in the dark.

The fluorescent elements react, generating an otherworldly luminescence ranging from a subtle, ghostly glow to a vibrant and captivating display.


This immersive experience not only strengthens teamwork and communication skills but also sparks a sense of wonder and mystery among team members, creating a unique bond within the corporate context.


Glow-in-the-dark painting, with its potential for celestial scenes, landscapes, abstract compositions, and fantastical subjects, acts as a catalyst for collaborative exploration tailored to corporate objectives.

Whether teams craft standalone pieces or contribute to larger works, this art form provides a visually enchanting and immersive team-building experience, transforming ordinary corporate gatherings into captivating environments.


Teams share a unique journey into the realm of luminous charm, fostering a corporate culture of creativity, collaboration, and shared achievement.

NOTE: This event is most recommended from October- March but can be facilitated year round.

Group of students at the end of the Glow Painting Event
Example of a Glow Painting
Student painting with florescent paint in a Glow Painting event
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