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2.5-3 hours
495 dk/ person 
(excl. vat) 
Minimum of 8 ppl to book this event
(smaller groups may book, availability & price may vary)

Guided painting sessions are a powerful catalyst for boosting team morale within a corporate setting. These sessions offer a refreshing departure from the usual work routine, providing a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that encourages team members to express themselves creatively.

As individuals engage in the shared experience of painting, a sense of camaraderie is cultivated, breaking down barriers and fostering open communication. The collaborative nature of the activity promotes teamwork, as colleagues work together towards a common artistic goal. The accomplishment of creating a unique artwork, instils a sense of pride and achievement, further strengthening the team's morale and cohesion. 

We offer watercolour, acrylic and ink painting. All levels are welcome and each session is designed for the very beginner but also so that even experienced painters will enjoy the activity. 

This event is guided by one of our professional and experienced artists. 

All supplies are included. 

To tailor your Painting Event to meet the needs of your team BOOK HERE.

A student painting in Acrylic paint at a Team Building event.
A student sitting in the sun in our watercolour class at Art Escape Studios.
A team picture of employees painting in an acrylic painting event.
A team building group after a brush and ink painting event.

All of our events  have professional guidance and instruction (exception is Art Cafe)  and all professional materials are included. This includes aprons and table covers for all events held off site.  Our prices are moms excluded and exclude our offsite fees. All events can be catered- ask about our drinks menu and outside catering services. 

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