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Ida Glad sitting at her easel in nature

Ida Glad  (She/Her)

Creative Entrepreneur | CEO Art Connects | Member of AES Arts Collective | Event Coordinator | Art Educator | Artist |

Masters Student of Social Psychology|

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Ida Glad is a Danish artist and art educator, serving as a driving force within the creative sphere of Art Escape studio. With a rich background in Social Psychology and Coaching, Ida's expertise extends beyond the canvas, delving into the intricate relationship between art, creativity, and human psychology. Her passion for the Arts and Health field fuels her commitment to exploring how artistic practices can enhance well-being and foster deeper connections among individuals.

With over four years of experience teaching art and creative processes, Ida has impacted the lives of hundreds of students across public and private schools, as well as corporate settings. As a guest lecturer at the prestigious DIS - Study abroad in Scandinavia, she brings her unique blend of artistic flair and psychological insight to the classroom, enriching the academic experience for aspiring psychologists.

Since its inception in 2019, Ida has been an integral part of the AES-collective, contributing her expertise to the evolution of the company's teaching practices. Her dedication to continuous learning is evident in her relentless pursuit of new techniques and artistic avenues.


As an artist herself, Ida understands the importance of nurturing her students' artistic growth, investing deeply in their development journey.

With her MA in Social Psychology set to be completed in June, Ida's journey as a thought leader in the intersection of art and psychology is poised to reach new heights. Through her own company- Art Connects, she continues to inspire and empower individuals to explore the trans-formative power of art, fostering creativity, curiosity, and resilience along the way.

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