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Melanie Dawn Smith (She/Her)

Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur | CEO Art Escape Studios | Director of AES Arts Collective | Advisory Board Member IMMART | Community Builder | Event Coordinator | Art Educator | Adviser | Artist |

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Melanie Dawn Smith, born in 1980, is a Canadian multi-passionate entrepreneur and distinguished artist based in Denmark. With a deep-seated commitment to fostering community and empowering artists, Melanie has carved out a significant presence in the international community in Denmark.


As the visionary founder of Art Escape Studios, Melanie has established a transformative platform and creative sanctuary aimed at empowering emerging and professional artists in navigating the Danish artistic landscape. At Art Escape Studios, emphasis is placed on fostering inclusivity and providing support to migrant and immigrant artists, with a particular focus on nurturing emerging female talent within the AES arts collective.

In 2017, she initiated Art Escape Studios with the launch of her first international art retreat, "Art Escape- A Danish Destination," laying the foundation for the company as it stands today. In 2019, she founded the AES Collective, an all-female arts collective featuring several artists working across various disciplines.


Under Melanie's leadership, Art Escape Studios has emerged as a cornerstone of the artistic community among internationals, embodying a philosophy centred around Creating, Connecting, and Caring. These guiding principles serve as the foundation for a nurturing environment that enriches the human experience, fosters personal growth, and cultivates strong, compassionate communities.

Expanding Art Escape Studios in 2020, Melanie introduced a comprehensive art school offering classes in drawing, watercolour, oil painting, acrylics, and coffee painting, along with a diverse array of workshops and events. The venture also includes a gallery and an art supply shop- furthering opportunities for artists to generate income and expand on their creative talents.


In January 2021, these entities converged to give birth to the Art Escape Cafe, embodying the concept of a community-focused arts space providing creative support and an escape for anyone interested in exploring their artistic identity.

Melanie's exceptional commitment to mentoring artists is evidenced by her track record of over 30 exhibitions mounted for international artists in Copenhagen between 2020 and 2023. Additionally, she has forged impactful collaborations with esteemed entities such as Kaffe Bueno and acclaimed Danish photographer Jan Grarup, further solidifying Art Escape Studios' reputation as a dynamic hub for artistic expression and collaboration.

In her unwavering dedication to supporting female artists, Melanie's efforts have resulted in the sale of more than 200 original artworks for artists within her collective during the same time frame.


Beyond her contributions to the arts, Melanie is also a co-founder of Warrior Women Denmark, an influential online networking community for women entrepreneurs boasting a membership of over 2000 individuals. Her involvement as a moderator and facilitator for events within Warrior Women underscores her commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced by women navigating business in foreign environments.

Through her multifaceted endeavors, Melanie Smith continues to make a profound impact on the artistic and entrepreneurial landscapes of Denmark, championing diversity, empowerment, and community building with unwavering passion and dedication.

Cv- 2020/2023 : Exhibition Record & Events Facilitation

Graphite sketch


Graphite & White Marker 

180 g paper


800 dk 

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